Marisa Tomei Sunglasses

Well look what the cat dragged in! Its the sensationally ageless starlet, Marisa Tomei, donning a dazzling pair of lightly tinted aviator sunglasses.

Unfortunately we do not know the designer of sizzling shades, however you can help us out by posting a comment, if you know the answer!

On a side note, how amazing are Marisa Tomei's genetic makeup!?! Gifted much?

Marisa Tomei Net Worth

Marisa Tomei has quietly been one of the most underrated actresses of our generation, landing great roles in big budget movies. One thing i was recently thinking about was the money net worth of miss Marisa Tomei.

After trying a few google searches i wasn't able to come up with an answers, so i ask you the readers!

How much money is Marisa Tomei worth?

Marisa Tomei Bra Size?

Just for the sake of debate i ask you, what is Marisa Tomei's bra size?

I would guess that Marisa Tomei's bra size is around a 33 or 34 B cup size, judging from her performance in the movie, The Wrestler.

Lets hears some thoughts!

Marisa Tomei Height

Well I've been trying my very best to locate the real actual height of leading lady Marisa Tomei, however there seems to be a bit of discrepancy in my findings.

Some websites say her height is 5 feet 6 inches, whiles others say 5 feet 4 inches tall.

So i turn to you, the true fans of Marisa Tomei, and ask how tall do you think Marisa Tomei actually is?

Marisa Tomei Birthday

Its almost that time of the year again! What time is that, you ask?

Well its the birthday of our delightful Marisa Tomei, and did you know that she is going to be 46 years old!?! I find that hard to believe, she only looks 30!

Anyways, Marisa Tomei's date of birth is December 4th (1964).

I know what I'm getting her, pleasant thoughts and prayers!